Unites States Air Force

Engine Maintenance Platform

Products Used:

1-1/2" Deep x 1-1/2" Square Mesh with Quartz Grit Surface
Standard Handrail System with Kickplate
ISOFR Channels & Angles
Molded Stair Treads
1/8" Plate



This platform was specifically designed to work on jet engines.

The engines are situated vertically and the platform splits in half, allowing it to be placed around the engine. The platforms height adjustable legs and articulating stairs permit it to be easily positioned, as required. A computer table, made of 1/8" Plate, was also constructed enabling it to be used at any location on the handrail. The non-slip surface and chemical resistant properties of the solid top FRP grating make it a perfect choice for safety and durability in this highly technical application. The platform meets USAF and OSHA safety requirements.

  • Air Force employees on engine maintenance platform
  • United States Air Force engine maintenance platform articulating stairs
  • USAF engine maintenance platform handrail system
  • USAF engine maintenance platform