Ogden City Water Utility

Retractable Stairs for Water Treatment Plant

Products Used:

1-1/2" Deep x 1-1/2" Square Mesh with Quartz Grit Surface
Ergononmic Fluted Rung Ladder Assembly
Standard Handrail System with Kickplate
ISOFR Channels & Angles
Molded Stair Treads



A stair system, designed to fully retract when not in use, was needed to improve the efficiency and safety of the processing area.

The stair system is raised and lowered using a winch. Completely fabricated in FRP, it is lightweight enough to make this possible. Averaging 25% of the weight of comparable metallic structures, plus no corrosion concerns, make utilizing FRP an easy choice.

The unique challenge of avoiding the processing equipment and piping on the bottom, led to a small landing and short ladder system being integrated with the bottom of the staircase.

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